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Threat & Mitigation Expert (T&M Expert) provides a universal mechanism for assessing any threat to your pipeline using relative risk.

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Threat & Mitigation Expert (T&M Expert) provides a universal mechanism for assessing any threat to your pipeline using relative risk.

Threat & Mitigation Expert also helps mitigate risks, to reduce the probability of threats occurring and the consequences of any incidents that do occur, and to plan future inspection and mitigation activities.


An accurate analysis

of pipeline threats

Threat & Mitigation Expert helps maintain a balance between the safe and reliable operation of your pipeline and the efficient use of resources to mitigate threats by providing an intuitive application that increases your productivity through automation while ensuring an accurate risk analysis.

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Further Information

A comprehensive assessment of pipeline integrity requires careful planning to ensure that no potential threat is omitted and that all threats and consequences are considered in accordance with the standards and regulations you are required to meet. The power of the Threat & Mitigation Expert approach to threat evaluation is its universal assessment mechanism that allows all threats and consequences to be considered whether or not they can be measured quantitatively in their own right.

Your experience and expertise are key to pipeline integrity assessment and these are enhanced by Threat & Mitigation Expert; you identify and analyse all threats across the entire length of your pipeline, using Threat & Mitigation Expert's quantitative approach to relative risk. A risk profile is calculated for your pipeline using the identified threats and consequences.

Threat & Mitigation Expert then assists you in defining sufficient actions to eliminate or mitigate the threats in a financially efficient manner. Threat & Mitigation Expert also helps you to plan inspections based on the calculated risk profile of your pipeline.


Key Features

  • User defined pipeline threats
  • User defined consequences of pipeline failure
  • User defined Integrity Models linking threats and consequences in relative risk calculation schema
  • Calculate relative risk using an Integrity Model and dynamic segmentation of your pipeline
  • Display calculated pipeline risk profile in tables, charts and user defined risk categories
  • User defined risk mitigation types with associated time and cost
  • Display pipeline risk profile on a user defined risk matrix, reflecting any regulatory requirement or standard
  • At-a-glance identification of high risk pipeline
  • Assign mitigations to pipeline manually or automatically
  • Generate budgeted Action plans comprising the mitigations required to address high risk pipeline
  • What If analysis to investigate the effectiveness of mitigation plans
  • Generate pipeline inspection plans
  • Fully integrated with PiMSGlobe and Reporting Expert
  • Fully integrated with Magellan for use in the field


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