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Offshore Expert aids the collection and management of offshore data and performs a detailed analysis of offshore pipeline and objects.


Expert Module

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Offshore Expert aids the collection and management of offshore data and performs a detailed analysis of offshore pipeline and objects. Support for sonar and multibeam relief data for seabed surveys is built in.


Seabed Reconstruction

3-Dimensional Visualisation

Offshore Expert specialises in visualising graphical data; a full 3-dimensional seabed reconstruction can be shown for any pipe position. Using this, quickly and accurately compare surveys from different time periods, or from different suppliers, and track vitally important changes, such as seabed movements. Objects, regions, pipeline sections and places of interest can also be shown on the map.

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Further Information

The dynamic nature of the seabed together with the use of different data acquisition techniques and data processing algorithms can result in misalignment of seabed survey data sets collected at different times or by different surveyors. Offshore Expert helps you align, or calibrate, your seabed data to counter any such misalignment.

Offshore Expert’s graphical calibration mechanism allows you to align seabeds prior to performing a direct comparison; enabling you to measure, estimate and analyse the differences between the seabeds with ease.

Data collected from different surveys can be viewed on a single screen enabling you to compare data gathered over time quickly and easily. The data displays can be saved to file or to the clipboard for use in analysis or reports.

Combining Offshore Expert with Threat & Mitigation Expert allows you to create any number of risk models along a pipeline using your choice of parameters and threats.


Key Features

  • A complete toolkit to access pipeline features
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Accurate, reproducible and fast analysis of offshore survey data
  • Full integration of all pipeline data
  • Import offshore survey data
  • Native support for multiple surveys, the power to analyse all available data, collected over time
  • Fast, accurate graphical engine to visualise all data and analyse results
  • Offshore data compatible with DEM/DTM rendering
  • Precise visualisation of pipelines and calculation results
  • Essential relief features: painting, scaling, DC adjusting, shading control
  • Raster map support
  • Map layers support
  • Full 3-dimensional relief reconstruction
  • Compare data from different surveys in tables, charts and graphically
  • Align seabed data from different surveys
  • Measure and estimate differences between seabeds
  • Analyse changes to pipeline and seabed over time
  • Fully integrated with Reporting Expert and PiMSGlobe
  • Generate comprehensive survey reports
  • Fully integrated with Magellan for use in the field


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