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Pipeline and Asset Integrity Service



ATP’s Pipeline and Asset Integrity Service (P.A.I.S) is delivered in conjunction with integrity experts from PiMS of London.


ATP’s Pipeline and Asset Integrity Service

for smaller pipeline operators

Working with PiMS of London this new service is aimed at smaller pipeline operators who have regulated pipelines and who have to produce annual risk assessments but are unable to afford their own Integrity software.

The P.A.I.S service gives these operators access to PiMSlider’s rich functionality and to obtain a risk assessment/report for specific assets or asset, with none of the cost or resource overheads associated with implementation of a full PIMS Solution.

So how does P.A.I.S work?Further Information

So how does P.A.I.S work?

PIMS of London take all of the operators’ available data and loading it into PiMSlider. The PiMSlider Risk/Integrity models are updated for the client’s specific network and available data and then perform the risk assessments.

This enables smaller operators to get the benefits of a dynamically segmented risk assessment in the most cost-effective way. The auditors are happy because they are getting semi-quantitative risk assessments where previously they might be receiving only very basic risk spreadsheets.


Further Information

For more information – Contact ATP’s Commercial Director, Oliver Neville, or Trent Ackhurst at PIMS of London.