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ATP's Environmental Policy

Associated Technology Pipeline Ltd's business activities interact with the environment in a variety of ways. To ensure we identify and assess each of these interactions, we have adopted a lifecycle perspective that helps us understand…

ARTICLE: Software Implementation and Support Philosophy

Oil and Gas companies are now investing heavily in Pipeline Integrity Management Systems to increase their ability to manage and maintain pipelines in a safe and profitable way. PiMSlider software, from Associated Technology Pipeline, provides…

Case Study: EQUINOR and PiMSlider Software

Equinor & PiMSlider Software – An operator’s experience of using PIMS software In this paper Equinor discuss their experience using PiMSlider solution for the integrity management of pipelines in operation. PiMSlider includes a series of…

VIDEO: No Limits - Pipeline Integrity Management Software

Overview of Associated Technology Pipeline Ltd and their software - PiMSlider