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Oil and Gas companies are now investing heavily in Pipeline Integrity Management Systems to increase their ability to manage and maintain pipelines safely and profitably.

Associated Technology Pipeline’s flagship product - PiMSlider - is a powerful pipeline and static equipment integrity management system used to support a pipeline operator in his primary goal of running and managing a safe, reliable pipeline. PiMSlider is the solution to your pipeline integrity management needs.

PiMSlider has a core functionality providing the basic system framework including the user interface, data connectivity configuration, the interface with external client systems, data presentation, data reporting and some data import. You can choose to add further PiMSlider modules to this core product to build a comprehensive feature set for your business. You can even extend PiMSlider’s rich functionality into the field with Magellan, our mobile solution for data supply and collection to and from the field.

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PiMSlider is a stable, off-the-shelf solution that will meet the majority, if not all, of your pipeline integrity management requirements.

If you already have a fully functional, fully designed PODS (or APDM) system in place, implementation of PiMSlider simply requires a direct connection to your existing PODS (or APDM) system(s). PiMSlider will work 100% efficiently for you and when you are ready to connect to other external corporate systems connection to PiMSlider will be seamless and instant.

Associated Technology Pipeline can install and implement the PiMSlider off-the-shelf solution at an early stage in your PiMSlider project; providing a working PiMSlider system at the beginning of your project