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Associated Technology Pipeline is a leading, independent, specialist provider of Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) software to the oil and gas industry.

We have no obligations or links to any pipeline inspection vendor and our software produces results free of commercial bias.

Established in 1998, we employ key experts to develop high-quality software applications, compliant with ISO 9001:2015. Our main product is PiMSlider; a suite of integrated software modules that assist with all phases of the pipeline integrity management process.

Information System image 4
Information System image 4

In recent years the focus on environmental legislation and regulation has much increased in various infrastructure industries, such as pipelines, railways, electricity transmission and waterways, in addition to the safety aspects of integrity management. PiMSlider is an integrity management tool that helps clients to meet environmental and other regulatory requirements of their operations. This reduces their environmental impact through improved maintenance regimes and reduced risk of pollution. Secondary environmental aspects are also reduced by avoiding the need for alternative transport methods, such as shipping and road haulage, for the products delivered by a network.

In addition PiMSlider assists operators with their transition to green energy; the feasibility of transportation of hydrogen through the existing pipeline network and the integrity management of Carbon Capture. PiMSlider is concerned with the safe and sustainable integrity management of any network.

Implementing environmental management practices throughout the life cycle of integrity management aids our clients in managing environmental issues systematically and effectively while enhancing environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. Including environmental considerations, identifying regulatory requirements and conducting stakeholder engagement during the earliest stages and throughout the integrity management lifecycle is essential to ensure sustainability.